The Great-Pastamaker Cookbook
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The Great Pastamaker Cookbook is an exciting collection of fresh, healthy and easy-to-make pasta recipes. Nobody knows when the first pasta was made, but it is certainly one of the world's oldest foods. Noodle makers around the world knead, roll, tear, cut and twist dough into forms as plain as flat and rectangular and as complicated as cappelletti. The choice of toppings includes sweet or spicy sauces of every imaginable description. Pasta is really very nutritious, and it doesn't have to be fattening. High in complex carbohydrates and low in fat, a typical serving of pasta offers 10 to 30 percent of the minimum daily requirements of several important vitamins and minerals. It also provides a surprising amount of protein. Since you can make it so many ways, pasta is for everyone!
The Great Sausage Maker Cookbook
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For Americans sausage evokes pleasant memories of ball games, picnics, backyard barbecues and just plain people having fun together, enjoying life. From the lowly hot dog or frankfurter to the Italian sausage or salami eaten as the family gathers around the table or to the more sophisticated thoughts of European sausages eaten in special restaurants like Tapas Bars, English Pubs, Greek Tavernas, French Bistros or even Italian Trattorias, the sausage holds a place in our hearts.
The Lean Rotisserie
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The Lean Rotisserie Cookbook is a collection of recipes with lower fat and calorie content for anyone who is watching their weight or is generally health conscious and using a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ. You can enjoy a wide variety of foods by "Cutting the Fat" at home and making lean and tasty meals your family will love! Healthy rotisserie cooking is easy with a Showtime. Anyone can do it - whether you consider yourself a "cook" or not.
The Original Old West Cookbook
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To appreciate Western cooking, it helps to know a little of the history of the Old West, which in most cases is as vivid and spicy as the cooking. The story of course begins with the Indians. The Southwestern tribes lived in permanent villages, growing corn, beans, squash and other native crops, often with the help of irrigation. The northernmost of these tribes were the Pueblo Indians (pueblo is Spanish for village) of the upper Rio Grande in what is now New Mexico and Colorado. For a thousand years and more they had led their communal lives in almost total isolation, but it was these civilized Indians who made Southwest so different from other areas. The food of the upper Rio Grande is strongly influenced by the Indians, notably in the use of corn.
The Pasta Sauce Collection
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Pasta is probably the most versatile of foods. It is made into literally thousands of variations around the world. But the secret of pasta's variety isn't just in the many different shapes. By far the greatest variety in pasta dishes results from variations of the sauce or topping used to add flavor to the pasta. And even if we focus on primarily European variations, the choices are still too numerous to count. In this book, we have collected a virtual buffet of tastes and styles, for healthy appetites and light eaters; for those with simple tastes, and those with a passion for the exotic. Indeed pasta pleases everyone. A five-year-old with spaghetti and meatballs is enjoying his supper every bit as much as a dinner guest savoring truffles in wine sauce.
Pesto - The Art of Cooking with Herb Pastes
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"Classic" pesto is undoubtedly one of the world's great culinary pleasures. Made from fresh basil leaves, pale green virgin olive oil, a well-aged sharp sheep's cheese, garlic, and pine nuts, this sublime experience is usually enjoyed in summer months when fresh herbs are available. In Genoa, Italy, in the Liguria region where pesto originated, fresh basil is available year- round. Genovese cooks used a mortar and pestle to grind the pesto ingredients into a smooth green paste hence the name pesto.
Dehydrated & Delicious
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Drying fruits, vegetables, and meats is a great way to create some of the tastiest and most convenient ready-to-eat snacks that your family will ever enjoy. Not only will they be the best tasting snacks, but also less expensive and healthier than commercial snacks. Home dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and jerky are the ideal take-along foods for lunch boxes, camping and hiking trips, and vacations. Dehydrated foods are also wonderful additions to your favorite recipes for casseroles, soups, stews compotes and sauces.
The Lean Rotisserie - Recipe Favorites
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The Lean Rotisserie Cookbook is a collection of recipes with lower fat and calorie content for anyone who is watching their weight or is generally health conscious and using a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ. This is a special collection of recipe favorites!
The Complete AquaChef Cookbook
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The AquaChef Cookbook is filled with delicious, gourmet recipes for you to try with your new AquaChef Cooking System!
The Art of the Knife
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The Knife is one of man's oldest tools. Throughout history, knives have been essential for survival, as well as for providing food and shelter. The knives used in the kitchen today are remarkably like the ones developed thousands of years ago. As knife technology and production methods have advanced, knife uses have expanded and knife forms have become more specialized. Today, the knife continues to be an important tool, though more for sport and work than survival, as in the past. During all these years, however, the basics of a good tool's shape and function and the skills necessary to use tools have remained constant.
Marinade Encyclopedia
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The Marinade Encyclopedia brings you over 100 recipes for liquid marinades, sauces and brining liquids. This is your go-to book for planning any meal that you want to spice up with a unique or classic marinade, whether you're cooking for yourself or for many.
Seal, Set & Serve Cookbook
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Chef Melissa Torcedo specializes in sous vide cooking with the AquaChef, and has put together some of her favorite recipes perfect for home cooking with your own AquaChef. Seal, Set & Serve allows you to cook like the great chefs of the world using the state of the art french cooking technique, sous vide. Whether you're making breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, these delicious and simple AquaChef recipes will excite your tongue and impress your family and friends.
The Big Burger Book
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Many people would argue that it’s easy to make a good burger. Make a quick patty from ground beef, put it on a grill, stick the patty in a bun, and you’ve got a perfectly good burger. Many people would argue that you don’t need a cookbook to make a good burger - but what about great burgers? In this book we strive to demonstrate all the ways you can have the full spectrum of burger deliciousness right at home. Cooking for yourself, family or friends, this book will raise you to the highest levels of burger greatness, and both your and your “customer’s” palate will love you for it. It’s important to remember that a hamburger can have any combination of condiments you can think up, but the most important part of a hamburger is the actual patty. Whether you are making a classic all beef burger, mixed meats, or even a vegetarian patty, you should always make sure that the patty is your main focus. Learn all about burgers, and then enjoy making and eating them!
From Frozen to Fabulous
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From Frozen to Fabulous is a way to deliver amazing flavor and moisture that can be cooked in advance with the option of chilling or freezing depending on your schedule and how you want to plan your meals. This book is a culmination of our love of cooking flavorful foods and our experience with the sous-vide method of cooking for our web video series at Gourmet Cooking online.
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