Seasoned Chicken Breast

− 1 boneless Chicken breast
− Ground Pepper
− Sea Salt
− Garlic Salt
− Coriander Seeds
− Paprika

Step 1: Prepare the AquaChef
1) Fill the basin with approximately 3.5 liters of water
2) Plug in the AquaChef and press the power button
3) Set the AquaChef\'s temperature to 165℉
4) Press the START button to preheat the water

Step 2: Prepare the Chicken
Mix a small and equal amount of the ingredients together and sprinkle on one side of the chicken breast, then pat the mixture into the chicken. Place the chicken in the plastic bag and seal first with your hands, and then vacuum out as much air as possible.

Step 3: Cooking with the AquaChef
Once the AquaChef is preheated, set the cook time on your AquaChef to 1 hour. Then place the Chicken in the cooking basket and place it carefully into the AquaChef and put the lid on.

Step 5: Serving the Chicken
Once the time is up, the AquaChef will beep. Carefully remove the basket from the AquaChef, as it will be hot. Remove the chicken from the bag and place it on a plate and serve. You can also try serving it with cooked vegetables or cold in a chicken salad.

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