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Cooking with Mel - Perfect Lemon Pepper Salmon
From: Cooking with Mel
Chef Mel demonstrates how to use the AquaChef to make the perfect flaky and tender Lemon Pepper Salmon. Get the recipe here:

Tags: Cooking Mel Webinar Sous Vide AquaChef recipe vacuum seal salmon lemon fish fresh pepper salt dill gourmet cooking with mel seal 'n fresh
Moroccan Almond Couscous
From: Dish to Pass - Moroccan Almond Couscous
Jamie Fararra brings you a great raw vegan alternative to the traditional couscous dish. But don't think raw or vegan means boring. This delicious and healthy dish is served as lettuce wraps for a refreshing lunch, or on its own for a great side dish. This dish is super fast and easy to make, though you'll have to prepare ahead, as the almonds will need to be soaked for at least four hours, or overnight. Get the recipe here:

Tags: almond moroccan apricots cumin couscous romaine lettuce lettuce raw vegan food processor scallions lemon bell pepper olives olive oil salt pepper cumin fruit nuts vegetarian side dish lunch salad vinaigrette
From: Dish to Pass - Surf & Turf Fajitas
Jamie prepares her sangria on a whim, and when you see how delicious it is, you'll understand why she always has the ingredients available! Get the delicious recipe here:

Tags: dish to pass jamie fararra mexican sangria punch red wine wine brandy grenadine orange soda citrus orange lemons grapefruit peaches drink alcohol
Game Hens with Raspberry Sauce
From: Cooking Videos
Follow this easy instructional video to learn to make the delicious dish, Game Hens with Raspberry Sauce.

Tags: recipe cooking lesson poultry chicken sauce lemon juice salt apples butter flour sugar raspberries fruit hen
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